The CCMC Lending-Connector™ family of solutions (Mortgage Loan Connector™, Consumer Loan Connector™, and Commercial Loan Connector™) provide seamless integration between the financial industry’s leading loan origination systems and core servicing systems. This allows financial institutions to use any number of best of breed servicing systems, origination systems, automated underwriting systems, pricing engines, analytic systems, etc. without the excessive and costly manual intervention previously required.

Each of our Lending-Connector solutions enable you to enter detailed data once in one system and share that information across multiple systems, eliminating data re-entry errors, increasing productivity, and reducing processing costs.

Utilizing the CCMC Intelligent Connector Engine™ (ICE), the Lending-Connector solutions fully automate the loan boarding process using business rules the financial institutions control. This eliminates the need for after boarding maintenance and multiple full-time employees to process each loan. One employee, a few clicks, and the loan is boarded!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Automates the connection between the industry leading loan origination systems and core servicing, secondary market, and other financial systems
  • Automates loan servicing systems
  • Allows you to use the best of breed approach when selecting financial systems
  • Fully customizable for each connector solution through the CCMC Intelligent Connector Engine (ICE)
  • Industry leading Client Care team available to assist should any issues or needs arise
  • Reduces loan boarding from 45 – 60 minutes down to 3 minutes or less
  • Eliminates after-boarding maintenance due to errors caused by rekeying the data
  • Training of new employees to board loans becomes an hour task as opposed to weeks

Thinking of switching your LOS or CORE system? We have you covered! CCMC will replace the connector solution to work with your new system at no additional cost!*

*Complete Connector Migration Coverage is part of the standard licensing on all five-year contracts for our Mortgage Loan Connector solutions. Your new system must be one of the many already supported by CCMC in order for Complete Connector Migration Coverage to apply. Your new Mortgage Loan Connector will be for your new LOS/CORE combination only.

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