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We Built a Bridge... Now It's Time to Connect!

Say Good-Bye to ccmcBridge, and Hello to the Lending Connector Suite

CCMC is bringing ccmcBridge to a close in 2017 and making room for more robust, full-featured Lending-Connectors, including Mortgage, Commercial, and Consumer Loan Connector.

Lending Connector Comparison Chart

Gears-PMigration is quick and easy!

Platform migration should take less than a week.* No additional hardware / server requirements will be needed to migrate.


to Take Advantage of Early Signing Incentives**

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Support of all ccmcBridge software will end on 11/30/2017. All ccmcBridge software instances will be disabled on 12/31/2017. All current ccmcBridge licenses must be replaced with an active connector license by 12/31/2017 to avoid a disruption in service.
*Assumes that the previously defined software configuration and mapping stay the same and do not change at the time of migration.
**Incentives are subject to change without notice. Incentives are good through contract signing date and cannot be extended. Payment for all incentivized items are due at the time of signing.

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