Our Web-Connector solutions connect your LOS to different web based systems which would normally require your employees to rekey the data entered by a customer. One example is our CCMC Web Connector for MortgagebotPOS™. It monitors for loan applications, entered online, to transfer back to your LOS, either manually or automatically depending on your system. This data can be entered by a customer, or from one of your loan officers, using the MortgagebotPOS™ platform. Additionally, our Web Connector for MortgagebotPOS™, Status module, uploads the most current status of a loan application to the Mortgagebot site, allowing your customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing where their application is at in the lending process.

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Web Based Loan Applications

  • Digital Insight - Digital Banking Platform
  • FIS
  • Insuritas
  • MortgagebotPOS