Mission Statement:

"To develop, maintain, and support user-friendly connectors for businesses, large and small, that greatly increase their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity."

CCMC, Inc. established in 1994, is a professional services and software firm specializing in providing value-added solutions and services to the financial services industry. Our solutions focus on the integration of disparate systems, as well as data and workflow optimization, to both financial institutions and the major providers of application solutions to the financial services industry. Our partners are some of the best known technology corporations to the banking industry and represent core processing, loan origination, mobile banking, online banking and consulting among others.

CCMC has helped over 1,500 financial institutions stop playing the never-ending multiple data entry game and leverage total automation between systems. At CCMC we have a saying “Half the time, Half the cost, Twice the Functionality". Often, due to our existing encapsulated data rules library, we can materially do better on the time frames. Most of our customers who come from a non-automated environment see total mortgage loan boarding of 45-60 minutes reduced to 3-4 minutes. Our solutions are licensed based on volume/utility and can be utilized in a hosted or on premise venue. Our industry leading solutions require an extremely low upfront investment, have an ROI timeframe of 1 to 4 months, are constantly updated, and come with delighted customer references and uncompromised client support.

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CCMC Sales Support
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We partner with select loan origination software providers and other technology companies that serve the lending industry with products that utilize workflow integration. If you would like to have CCMC provide a Connector designed specifically for your product(s), contact Jason at:

Jason Lowe
Vice President, Sales